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Promise Breaker (Promise of Zion, Book 1) by Robert Elmer

In 1947, 13-year-old Dov Zalinski has already survived the horrors of WWII and the NAZI death camp, now his search for...

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The Door (Seventh Dimension Series Book 1) by Lorilyn Roberts

At fourteen, Shale Snyder has a secret clinging to her like a gob of cotton candy. Someone is stalking her. Or is that...

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Jack Staples and The Poet’s Storm by Mark Batterson & Joel Clark

Jack, Alexia, Arthur and their super human friends have just escaped from the City of Shadows. However the Assassin’s...

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A Horse for Kate by Miralee Ferrell

In the middle of the school year, Kate Ferris relocates from Spokane to rural Odell, Oregon—tough to do in seventh...

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Policed (A Kennedy Stern Christian Suspense Novel, Book 3) by Alana Terry

College freshmen, Kennedy Stern, and her friend, Reuben, are into their second semester. Although they’ve spent much...

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Darkness Reigns (The Kinsman Chronicles Part 1) by Jill Williamson

Wilek, son and apparent heir of the king of Armania, must endure a polytheistic religious system that includes human...

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