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Greyson Gray Fair Game (Book 2, The Greyson Gray Series) by B.C. Tweedt

The FBI places Greyson Gray, hero of the attempted terrorist attack in Morris, Iowa, in protective custody along with...

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A Light in the Darkness (Light of Loian Book 1) by Heather Sutherlin

The young healer’s apprentice, Merrilyn, discovers she holds a powerful healing gift bestowed by Loian, the God of...

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Del Ryder and the Crystal Seed by Matthew David Brough

Eleven-year-old Del Ryder and her three friends love to play hide and seek and war games in the local churchyard. But...

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The Prince Warriors by Priscilla Shirer with Gina Detwiler

Ruwach calls two brothers and their middle school friends, Brianna and Levi, into the magical land of Ahoratos. There,...

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The Five Unnecessaries (Book 1 of The 27th Protector Series) by Laura Campbell

In a dystopian future uncomfortably plausible, Aislyn lives in the territories where the religious, and the unwanted...

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Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul (Taylor Davis, Book 1) by Michelle Isenhoff

Taylor Davis thought he was reaching for a burger in his middle school lunchroom, the next thing he knows, he’s...

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