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Betrayal of the Band by Sarah Tipton

Life is messy, so is high school love. Zoey longs to sing on stage, but her garage band friends, Justin, and Sawyer...

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Koala Beach Outbreak (The Adventures Down Under, Book 7) by Robert Elmer

When a schooner shipwrecks on Koala Beach, 13-year-old Patrick rescues Jasper, a Chinese immigrant about his own age....

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Voyage with the Vikings (Adventures in Odyssey Imagination Station, Book 1) by Marianne Hering and Paul McCusker

Beth and her cousin, Patrick, visit Whit’s End, also known as kid’s paradise, and meet the kindly Mr. Whittaker. They...

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The Delaware Detectives, A Middle – Grade Mystery by Dana Rongione

Abby and her younger brother, Jamie, are sent to spend the summer grandpa’s in this sleepy little town of Lewiston,...

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Out of the Shadows (The Tacket Secret, Book 1) by Emma Carrie

Emily Brelin is not the average young teen that she appears to be. Abducted as a child by a rogue general, she was...

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In the Wilderness (A Wilderness Novel, Book 1) by David Young

Captured by pirates and sold into slavery, Jonathan escapes into the Pacific Northwest wilderness. With hostile Native...

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