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The Rise of the Wyrm Lord (The Door Within Trilogy, Book 2) by Wayne Thomas Batson

Fellow high school freshman, Antoinette Reed befriends Aidan Thomas, who helps her enter the Realm, where she enters...

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The Glass Castle (Thirteen Series, Book 1) by Trisha White Priebe & Jerry B. Jenkins

On her 13th birthday, Avery Godfrey is kidnapped and taken to a huge castle perched on an island in a shimmering sea....

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I Get a Clue (My Edinburgh Files, Book 1) by Nancy Ellen Hird

Circumstances force nearly 12-year-old Libby Carlson to leave her sunny California schoolmates and help her...

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A Stranger On My Land, A Civil War Romance by Sandra Merville Hart

During the battle of Lookout Mt. Tennessee, in November 1863, Carrie and her nine-year-old brother, Jay, hide in a...

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Promise Breaker (Promise of Zion, Book 1) by Robert Elmer

In 1947, 13-year-old Dov Zalinski has already survived the horrors of WWII and the NAZI death camp, now his search for...

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The Door (Seventh Dimension Series Book 1) by Lorilyn Roberts

At fourteen, Shale Snyder has a secret clinging to her like a gob of cotton candy. Someone is stalking her. Or is that...

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